George Esler

Future of Mac Popup Packages

Discussion created by George Esler on Jan 28, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2020 by Mark Robertson

I just recently rebuilt our Mac Popup packages using the 9.0.10 client and noted some things that I have questions about and would like a little additional information.


It seems it is getting progressively more difficult to find current Mac drivers for printers due to the fact that they want their users using AirPrint now. I had to go back and use some old drivers that we used with a previous popup package. In addition, I received a message (on the Catalina system that I used to build the packages) when pulling in the drivers, that drivers are now deprecated in CUPS and will eventually be removed altogether.


So I was wondering, moving forward, how the building of Mac popup packages will deal with these changes, and also if there was any worry anytime soon about my new packages not working correctly because of a future version of Mac OS removing the print driver functionality.