Paul LaFollette

Preferred Postscript drivers

Discussion created by Paul LaFollette on Jan 27, 2020

What Postscript driver do you prefer to use on your Uniprint system? (and why)

What Postscript drivers would you recommend?  (at least 2 if you have more than one, preferrably 4 if you can)


I asked this in the MobilePrint area as well.  Would like to know what (and why) Postscript drivers others are using.


We are almost entirely (about 98%) HP brand printers and I'm finding the various versions HP "Universal" Printer Drivers are not without issues, so I'm looking to find out what Postscript drivers others are using and having good success.


Lately, possibly with the newer HP UPD Postscript driver, we've been seeing:

  1. Occasions where the system fails to successfully render a file (according to the Administrator Alerts)
  2. Print jobs (almost always a PDF file) that send the printer into "endless Processing" (and never prints) which effectively disables the printer until power cycled.

I'm trying to eliminate (or substantially reduce) the frequency of such issues, and would like your feedback regarding driver choices and configurations.


Many Thanks,

- Paul L.