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Hang of Pharos Systems Secure Release Service

Question asked by Scott Copus on Jan 6, 2020
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This morning we were having issues with receiving print jobs (and getting popups) on clients. I restarted all the Pharos services on our Uniprint 9.0 R2 server. However the stopping of the "Pharos Systems Secure Release Service" hung. After force-killing this service and restarting all the services, everything was fine.  I didn't see anything unusual in Pharos Alerts or the Windows event logs... other than "The Pharos Systems Secure Release Service service terminated unexpectedly".


This server has been running perfectly stable with no issues for a very long time.  The only recent changes were installing the latest Windows Updates (via WSUS) a couple days ago.  The latest cumulative and service stack updates applied to the Uniprint server were from 2019-11 (KB4525236 & KB4520724).  The update applied to the database server was SQL Server 2016 Service Pack 1 CU (KB4505221).


While this could be a one-time fluke, I wanted to pass this along to find out if anyone else has experienced any issues caused by recent WU's.  I'll keep monitoring and will try to post updates with any new findings.


Also, is there any Pharos KB articles listing certain Windows Updates that have known to cause issues with Pharos products?  I think I remember at least one instance a while ago of a WU causing an issue with Pharos services but can't find it now.