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Simplex/Duplex amount calculation

Question asked by Rick Heckbert on Sep 16, 2019

I've been asked by our administration to help them create a way to calculate various "what if" scenarios.  What would revenue have been if we charged x instead of y per sheet, what if we discounted duplex by z.  This assumes volume doesn't change given higher or lower pricing.   


It seems that if I have the following information; Sheets, Pages, Jobs, Color Pages, Amount Charged from the Print Summary as well as what our fee structure is currently that I should be able to calculate how many of the pages were simplex and how many were duplex.  Unfortunately, either my math skills aren't up to the challenge or you can't reverse calculate those numbers.  I was pretty close with straight BW but on the printers that print both BW and Color I was way off.  I know at some level Pharos has this info because a) it calculates a charge for the patron and b) I can see the job costing for individual jobs.  Once I have the formulas I can make the cost a variable and run as many what-if scenarios as I like.  I'd rather not have to get into SQL queries like it looks some have and I don't have access to Crystal Reports to modify an existing one.


What I'd really love is if someone has already done this and might have a spreadsheet or at least the formulas they could share.


I am assuming there is no report that gives these simplex/duplex numbers?  I haven't been able to find one but perhaps I missed something?  It seems like pretty useful and desired information.  Perhaps a future release of Pharos Reports might include both "Printer Summary" and 'Printer Summary - Detailed" reports?