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Impact of changing password for Admin account used to install Uniprint

Question asked by Paul LaFollette on Aug 7, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2019 by Jeff Geller

When doing the initial install of Uniprint, one of the first things you do is create a user account in Uniprint that has Administrator rights, after that you use either that account (or another account that has Administrator rights) to perform Administrator level activities.


Question:  If I later change the password for that Administrator level account, what impact might I expect to see?  Or, what issues might I encounter that would need resolved?  What services (MobilePrint, Print Center, whatever) might this break?  Any way I can check to see what might break?


Reason I'm asking:  I'm preparing a new build of the 'primary' Uniprint server on my system (moving from Windows Server 2008 to Windows Server 2016) and the new build has a different (much better) password for that same user account with Administrator rights.  Before I place the new build in place of the older system, I need to change/upgrade the password for that Administrator user account on the older system.  I want to make sure I minimize any issues I might encounter.



- Paul L.