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Local login for Pharos on IMFP?

Question asked by William Bricker on Aug 1, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2019 by Jeff Geller


I have Pharos Canon IMFP installed on my copier and it is disconnected from the network. I need to login to the copier locally because it is not connected to the network but when I tap "swipe card or touch here to login" I simply get "network problems are preventing communication with the server, contact an administrator".

I know with the external ps200 touch screens you  have to tap the top left of the screen 5 times to get to the local login but I cannot figure out for the life of me how to do it with the IMFP software and I can't find any type of administrator pdf download.


I have scoured the installation guide, Device configuration guide, Quick start guide, and user guide but no information about this is in there. I know you can get to the diagnostics by entering pharos123 (742767123) which I got out of the user guide but that still does not get to a local login.


The information about the local login for the PS200 was in the quick start guide and was right at the start, there is no such information in the quick start guide for canon IMFP or any of those other guides for that matter.