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Authenticate as Active Directory and Pharos-only user?

Question asked by Rurik Spence on Aug 6, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2019 by Rurik Spence

We have been using Active Directory (AD) to authenticate our users for printing to Pharos since the system was implemented. People can either print using a direct queue, login to a public machine with their AD account and send jobs to be released at a release station, or are prompted for their AD info on their personal machines either printing directly (B&W) or going to a release station (Color). Now we've got a situation where we'd like to use a Pharos-only account but we're unable to get authentication to allow this account to access the system. The message is "The username and password could not be authenticated against any servers"


I've looked and seen ways to allow the adldaplogon.exe Plug-In to authenticate people in Pharos Remote/Administrator.


Is there a way to let a Pharos-only account authenticate for direct or release printing in addition to AD authentication? Or is this a custom programming request?


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