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Find how much a Queue is used

Question asked by Paul LaFollette on May 6, 2019
Latest reply on May 10, 2019 by Jeff Geller

Anyone know of a way to find how much a specific print queue is being used?  Uniprint provides pretty good reporting of how much a printing device is being used, but I don't see anywhere to find if a print queue is getting used.


For example, you might have a print queue named "Queue01" which receives print jobs that can be released at 6 different release stations. 


Over the years, we've accumulated print queues that were setup for specific locations, areas, or needs and overtime some of these print queues are no longer necessary or have become obsolete due to organization and workflow changes, however these print queues have remained to provide continued service for those still using those connections.


I'm trying to "clean up" (remove excess 'dead weight') our Uniprint systems and have a number of these print queues that still exist despite not technically being needed any longer.  Before I remove these print queues, I would like to find out if anyone is still using these old print queues (and if so, who they are).  Uniprint provides good reporting for the output devices, but I don't see any reporting for the 'incoming' print queues.


Any suggestions?



- Paul L.