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    Mobile Integration: Scan QR code to access print job status, release print job

    Lee Stoltz Scout

      I would be nice it patrons could release or cancel print jobs by scanning a qr code that shows up on screen after printing a print job.  Process:


      1. Patron prints and fills in all job details

      2. Patron scans qr code

      3. Patron sees description that printer is where ever, that job is x pages, costs y, instructions to press button (and maybe enter job pin) to release job

      4. Patron saunters to printing area and presses the button


      4. Patron sees that there are 5 people lined up and the first person is printing 1000 pages

      5. Patron chooses another printer or cancels print job

        • Re: Mobile Integration: Scan QR code to access print job status, release print job
          Scott Copus Adventurer

          Hi Lee,


          I agree. I think the mobile apps solutions need to also include an easier initial setup and login workflow. End result is where the site's server information and a user's account is automatically added to their mobile device.  Also, it may be a good idea that the mobile app be flexible enough to allow for *multiple* servers.  Some ideas:

          • a first time *site/server setup* QR code could be displayed at or near all print devices
          • Pharos could provide an opt-in "directory" service for Pharos site admins that allows users to search and find by institution name/acronym. Optionally it could be protected with maybe a keyword code.
          • Autoconfigure by geolocation (allowing for multiple locations) via point+radius or polygon boundaries
          • Possibly restricted via device IP ranges like,
          • User login integration with 3rd party providers like Google/Facebook/Twitter
          • User login via SSO with one-time code/PIN like "link your TV"... "print.mysite.edu/login" or "print.mysite.edu/activate/mycodehere"
          • For print centers/release stations, it would be nice if they could support maybe these technologies (browser technology is very advanced nowadays with better hardware integration):
            • prox/NFC against the user's mobile device
            • "webcams" to allow for logins using QR codes that can be displayed from within the app with:
              • permanent user-based QR codes
              • one-time or temporary (like one hour/day) QR codes
              • with optional password or PIN entry at the stations.