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Mobile Integration: Scan QR code on Signup Station for Queue information, Session Changes

Question asked by Lee Stoltz on Feb 28, 2019

It would be nice if a qr code to access session status and options on your mobile device.  Process:


1. Patron signups up with barcode and pin on the signup station.

2. Patron scans qr code on signup station and is directed to session status page.

3. Patron sees that there is xyz wait for abc workstation.


4. Patron sees that def workstation is available.

5. Patron uses status page to quickly change session to def workstation instead.


4. Patron realizes that it's very busy, kind of noisy, hard to concentrate, doesn't feel like waiting.

5. Patron sees option to reserve a session tomorrow or some time in the near future.

6. Patron makes reservation which prompts to allow notifications.

7. Patron is notified about the session when it is close to time.