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PC based Release Station Inactivity Timeout options

Question asked by Paul LaFollette on Feb 21, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2019 by Jeff Geller

We are using about 45 PC based Release Stations with our Pharos Uniprint, and for some time the inactivity timeout set for the stations (we typically choose 20 seconds) seems to have no effect, and the Print Station software stays showing the last user's print jobs (or now empty list of print jobs) for a very long time after the user has printed their documents.   It seems like the 20 seconds specified in the Pharos Administrator for the "Inactivity timeout" is being ignored.


Any ideas what could be causing this behavior?


The Release Stations are being hosted by our VMWare VDI system.

     Each VDI has a 17-inch VGA monitor, USB Keyboard and Mouse.

     Each VDI has it's own individual session with the VMWare system so that each station is unique to the location it is placed (acts just like being a physical PC)

Each station is running Windows 7 (haven't switched them to Windows 10 yet)

Uniprint version 9.0.9002.823

PrintStation.exe version 9.0.8959.30

No Windows Screensaver being used on the stations, only power-saving the screen after inactivity.



- Paul L.