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Feature Request - Xerox iMFP to include additions via Hostname vs. IP

Question asked by Chris Anderson on Mar 22, 2019

The HP Futuresmart installer allows adding/installing to a device via Hostname instead of IP address as well as the Pharos Admin console having the ability to manage a device by Hostname instead of IP. Can the ability to add and manage a xerox device by Hostname be added to a future Xerox iMFP version? Right now the IP Address field limits entries to just numeric.


Our enterprise is moving to a wireless printing environment and due to security/manageability concerns, will not be doing DHCP reservations via wireless network. If Hostname was enabled for Xerox iMFP we could continue using Pharos within those restrictions. Has anyone attempted to Add a Xerox device via IP that changes it's IP lease via DHCP? What happens when the IP changes? Does communication stop entirely or just the Status updates via iMFP console??


Scott Olswold