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    MobilePrint and Gmail archive

    David Kahn Wayfarer

      Hello there!


      We have noticed that when email is processed by mobileprint, the message in our gmail account is being archived.  We would like to have the message moved to the trash instead for security and privacy.  Does anyone have any experience with this or have any ideas on how we get the messages in the gmail account to delete automagically.



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          Jeff Herald Guide



          I checked with our experts, MobilePrint simply issues a 'delete email' command via IMAP after collecting the information needed from the email server.  Gmail may not be handling that as a 'delete', or perhaps it archives it anyway.  There may be Gmail settings to control that, though I couldn't find any when I looked.  You may want to query for settings related to Gmail's archive functionality.


          -Jeff Herald - Pharos Systems