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    iMFP for KM v2?

    Scott Kegley Newbie

      Hi-  were getting ready to migrate to Konica-Minolta iMFPs and have been using v1.5.6 for testing. I heard through the grape vine that there was a new version 2 out there. Does anyone know where I can find that or maybe it hasn't been released yet?  Thanks -Scott

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          bsullivan@pharos.com Pioneer



          Yes, the grape vine and you are correct. Pharos does have an all new version of the KM iMFP (version 2.0) that has a web based user experience at the device. The new iMFP has all the same features as KM iMFP v1 for the Uniprint and Blueprint products with an much improved user interface and experience for the user. This new version has passed through the KM certification process and is now in controled customer testing ahead of a full release of the product. I will reach out to you directly to get you the link to the software for your evaluation. We do expect to the release this version to all customers ahead of the end of this year, if anyone else would like to work with this ahead of general release please let me know. 287 Print 3.PNG


          Thanks for reaching out, Bill

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