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Pharos Station Display Issues

Question asked by Jim Armstrng on Nov 21, 2018

Hello Everyone,


We have been experiencing a strange issue and I am wondering if anyone else has seen this.  We have several PC release stations and certain ones will expeirnce a display issue randomly after a period of time.  What will happen is the Pharos Station software will basically zoom in and the login screen will be more towards the right hand side of the screen.  While a user can login and select their print job, they cannot press the print button as it is off the screen. To correct the issue, we have to close out of and reoprn the Pharos Station software.


This issue only occurs on certain systems and for example certain Dell Netbooks and Zero Clients.  Has anyone else experienced this issue?


I have a hunch but I haven't proven it yet.  My thought is that this could have something to do with the power settings on the Thin and Zero Client OS; therefore, I have disabled this via a GPO to test this theory.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.