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Force paper (A4, Exec, etc.) size to Letter

Question asked by Paul LaFollette on Nov 5, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2018 by Mike Dorris

After spending hours and hours (actually years) trying to instruct users to "read the message on the printer" in the vain hope users will realize when the printer says "Insert Exec" size or "Insert Legal" size it doesn't mean "Out of Paper" ... I would find it very worthwhile if the Uniprint system could force certain sizes to a specific size of paper (without end user intervention).  I could not tell you how many man hours have been wasted, and false "problems" reported (requiring more wasted hours) simply because College and University age students (and their Professors as well) are unable to read the (insert expression of choice) printer!


For example, a student gets a document for an assignment, or finds a document online and chooses to print the document not knowing (because they didn't look or observe) the document is "Exec" size (7" x 10"), consequently when the student releases the print job at the print station the printer then announces something like "Load Tray 1: Exec" which means (from the student's uneducated view) "Out of Paper".


What I wish Uniprint could do (or, if you know of a method, let me know):

I would like to be able to apply a rule/script/something that would take any Exec size print job (or other frequently found odd sizes) and force it to arrive at the printer as Letter size or some appropriate size the printer is likely to be loaded with.


Any chance of this?



- Paul L.