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JPG files print as blank pages

Question asked by Paul LaFollette on Oct 25, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2018 by Scott Olswold

What might cause JPG files to print as simply blank pages instead of the image in the JPG file?


Had a student ask me about this.  He had some JPG files he had uploaded to our Mobile Print installation however when he tries to print the JPG files they come out completely blank (just a white sheet).  Didn't matter what printer the JPG files were printed at.  I had him send me copies of the files so I could take a closer look.


When I uploaded the files he sent me to Mobile Print, and then click on the preview preview, the preview shows simply a blank page.  If I print the same JPG file to a printer (not going through Mobile Print), the image prints successfully.  To print the file directly to a printer, I used IrfanView (a free graphics viewer) but you could use just about any graphic viewer.


I have attached copies of three of the files and would like to know if anyone has an idea why these files print as blank when uploaded to Mobile Print.


I managed to work around the problem by simply re-saving the JPG files (again, using IrfanView) as JPG files with different names, then uploaded the re-saved copies and the re-saved copies worked just fine.


What do you think?


-- For those who are wondering, I did save the spool files in Uniprint for further review if needed.



- Paul L.