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    Chrome Devices as Release Stations

    David Kahn Wayfarer

      Hi All,


      Long time follower, first time poster.   We have been gearing up with your new Pharos environment and we have been exploring and testing different ways to set up release stations.  In our environment we plan to put  a "older" Windows computer  next to Pharos printer (non-MFD) to serve as a release station. 


      Rather than have  all the Windows OS overhead running on these "older" machines, just to run a small app... we started thinking..what if we could use our cheap chrome devices and Citrix (XenDesktop/App) to publish multiple Pharos Release station apps, each published app would be only allow releasing to that printer it is next to.  I have this working on a Chromebox with just one Pharos printer, and it works great!! Unfortunately , I run into issues when adding more printers/creating more printer release station apps....I can't seem to find a way to customize the Pharos release station to only make it point to a specific printer....is there an argument or command line switch I should be using? Is this even possible? Or must each release station be tied to a specific host name?


      Any direction is appreciated.



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          Jeff Geller Guide

          Hi Dave,


          Thanks for the posting, hope you have enjoyed reading through the content of our Community.


          The PC Station has a configuration item in the Pharos Administrator for which Devices it can release print jobs to, this is where you can tell a particular PC Station to only Device X or Y. This setting is located in the Administrator under Release Stations > [select_a_station] > at the bottom expand Printing > "Related Printers".


          If the PC Station is configured with more than one device it will randomly load balance between the two devices, there is no control in this scenario unless the relationship of the Queue - Print Group - Device is a 1 to 1 to 1. Then any jobs seen at the PC Station that came into said Queue, will always go to the 1 to 1 to 1 Device in the end. This is a way to have color jobs to color Queue/Print Group end up at a color Device associated to the PC Station, then do the same configuration for a monochrome job => device.


          -Jeff Geller