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    Accessing the Print Service Log

    Mike Pacelli Wayfarer

      I am trying to troubleshoot why a user is unable to print from Uniprint with the error "Jobs disallowed by Uniprint".  I want to look at the logs so I can get some kind of clue as to why this is happening but I'm struggling to find where these logs are.  Any advice on this would be helpful 




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          Nic Meadows Ranger


          There are full details for setting the Pharos logging in the Pharos help chm. By default the Logging service is installed with most of the Pharos services. Run the log setter tool from Start Menu >Programs>Pharos and click apply. The logs will then appear on the server in the following folder c:\Users\All Users\Pharos Logs. Look for the one with the PrintService prefix.


          That should get you going

          Best regards


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            Jeff Geller Guide

            Hi Mark,


            You might want to bookmark the below page I created that has links to logging information for almost all of the Pharos products.

            Logging Pharos



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              Katherine Baynton Ranger

              Hi Mike

              One thing which you may want to try is to check the Alerts context in Administrator.  At the same time as a 'Job disallowed by Uniprint' transaction is recorded, an Alert will also be recorded, with more specific information about why (same timestamp in Transactions and Alerts).  For example: the user may have had insufficient funds at the time of the print, or a device may have been unresponsive to the SNMP query.  It could be worth checking there before resorting to logs.

              I hope this helps.