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Easiest way to delete a server?

Question asked by John Benedetto on Oct 2, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2018 by Steven English

We have migrated to a different print solution, but are keeping SignUp.  As a result, I am having to clean up our servers prior to us getting a new stripped down license.  I have archived transactions when I deleted the devices & release stations and queues.  When I go to delete the print server, I get an error that there I am unable to do so because there are still transactions associated with it.  In SYSTEM > TRANSACTIONS I can add a filter to see transactions for that one print server. 


- If I click Archive when a filter is showing, does it only archive the transactions showing, or will it archive ALL transactions when I choose "Select all transactions"?

- Administrator says it is only showing the first 1,000 matching transactions. Does it only archive the 1,000 showing?


I also realize that I need to check "Remove records from the database"