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    Printing in Color Warning

    Ali Alhobabai Wayfarer

      Hello All,

      Is there a way we can do a setting that will give a warning message to the student when they print in Color? The situation we have is that for some reason when some students print, their job gets sent to the Color printer and not the default BW. Even thought we have set a Group Policy yo make BW the default printer!


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          Katherine Baynton Ranger

          Hi Ali


          If your users are printing from machines where the workstation 'printer' they select to submit their job to the Uniprint system has been installed using Pharos packages, then you could use the 'Informed Print' setting under 'Uniprint Global Settings' in Administrator.  You would tick the Cost Information, Cost Acceptance, and Apply to Color Jobs Only check boxes.  This would prompt a dialog to be displayed to users when they submit a color job.  The user would then have to actively accept the cost to confirm the job, otherwise the job will be canceled.


          If you wish to customise the message displayed you can add a JobInformation script with whatever message/action you prefer (this will replace the above behavior).  The script would be applied at the JobInformation plug-in point in the Print Server configuration settings.  There is a sample JobInformation script included on the Uniprint install CD/media.


          As I mentioned above, these options are available only if the users are printing to 'Pharos package' installed printers.


          I hope this helps.




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              Ali Alhobabai Wayfarer

              Thank You very much Katherine

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                Kurt Albrecht Tracker

                How about a wish list item:  Would it be possible to apply Informed Print at a finer granulation?  At the level of Print Group, Queue?


                We have a mix of "lab" and "open to all" environments, some partially subsidized, most not subsidized.  Since there is a varying sensitivity to price and a varying sensitivity to convenience, We might be able to take advantage of different levels of "Informed Print" also.



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                    Katherine Baynton Ranger

                    Using a script, you could fine tune your messaging to only target jobs sent to certain queues.  When the Print Server receives the job from the workstation, the JobInformation plug-in knows the following information (among other things), so you could script your Cost Acceptance dialog based on any (or all!) of these things:

                    <job_cost> - float; job cost

                    <queue> - string; job Spool Queue

                    <username> - string; job billee (or owner)

                    <user_group> - string; user group of the job billee


                    If you search 'JobInformation' in the Pharos Help in Administrator, it will give you the 'Plug-in Interfaces' help documentation which includes more information on what the plug-in point receives and returns.