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    User account is locked at Terminal <ReleaseStation>

    Andrea Clark Adventurer

      We're using Uniprint 9.0 R2 Sp5 and Mobile Print 2.2. We have Ricohs throughout the campus. The inactivity timeout on the devices ranges between 15 second and (default) 30 seconds. I was doing some testing at one location on campus then went to another yesterday. I received "User account is locked at Terminal <ReleaseStation>".


      I have since enabled syslogs on 3 of the Ricoh devices to help troubleshoot the issue. As of this morning, my account is still locked on the original machine from yesterday.


      Two Questions:


      1. Has anyone else encountered this issue?

      2. Do you know if a DNS name can be used for syslog shipping? (We have DNS round robin splunk servers as indexers for syslogs.)



      Andrea Clark

      Office of Information Technology

      The University of Texas at Dallas


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          Mike West Newbie

          We have ran into the same issues, and have had a ticket open for it.  We have done some testing with Pharos, and it looks like the issue may happen a few different ways.  What we originally found was users swiping their ID with the device being asleep would usually result in an error: null being displayed and then they would be locked onto the device until you rebooted the device or restart IIS.  Pharos found that issue, and supplied us with a test release of the Ricoh MFP software, which resolved that issue.  It was still occurring intermittently at that point, and they are working on a new release that completly fixes this issue from the last update in our ticket.


          Mike West

          Unified Technology Support

          Ball State University

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            Nic Meadows Ranger

            Hopefully Pharos will get to the bottom of the issue as to why the users get locked on the devices in the first place.

            But in the meantime if you have lots of locked users and you need to unlock them, I wrote a little tool to it at my previous company as it happens more often than you'd think, comes with no support or warranty, but setup and usage instructions are in the readme

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              Chris Paterson Newbie

              This is an issue that seems to rear it's head every so often across various platforms. We had the same issue a year or two ago with our Canon fleet on Campus and the only way to "unlock" the user was to reboot the device they were locked on or restart IIS on the server (not an ideal solution). Like you were worked with Pharos and they provided us with an update iMFP  for the Canon devices and we haven't seen the issue since. Hopefully you get this resolved quickly


              Chris Paterson

              IT Systems Engineer

              Robert Gordon University

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                John Berry Newbie

                This happened to us this week and we currently have a ticket open with Pharos support.

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                  Kourtney de Haas Newbie

                  I've seen this issue many times over the past few years.  It is usually correlated with a printer alert event (like running out of paper) while a user is logged in.  I have not made a 100% correlation with printer alert events, but some of my printer hosts on campus have observed a trend in that direction.  The flow looks like this:


                  1. printer is idle, and low on paper.

                  2. user sends a print job to the queue and badges in at a printer.

                  3. user selects print job and printing commences.

                  4. printer runs out of paper before job is complete.

                  5. user session on printer times out.

                  6. user is unable to login to any other printer, instead seeing the "account locked at terminal" error.

                  7. a variable amount of time must pass before the user account is no longer locked at the terminal.  Sometimes minutes, sometimes days.

                  8. if I go into Pharos Admin, archive the user's information, and delete the user's account, this effectively solves the problem, but then requires the user to re-register at the next badge authentication at the printer.


                  We are running Pharos Uniprint 9.1 with new (as of Jan 2017) Ricoh printers.


                  Kourt de Haas
                  UT Austin

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                      Andrea Clark Adventurer

                      Thanks, Kourtney!


                      Nice observations. Our reports have been so infrequent that they have been place low on the the priority list. I have an open ticket with Pharos and am attempting to gather the data they requested, but it's so intermittent, I haven't been able to capture the data.


                      I may be reaching out to you in the future regarding 9.1 and MobilePrint 2.3. My plan is to wait until Spring 2019 so folks like yourself and other can identify the bugs. :-)



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                      Kurt Albrecht Tracker

                      In our system it is the CSGold that only allows a card to be active at one location at a time.  The vast majority of the time a user will be automatically logged off the iMFP after 60 seconds (time set during device setup).  However, about once a month there is a convergence of the stars, or gremlins or jams or something, and an iMFP retains a user's card swipe for an indefinite period.  We also have seen an occasional correspondence with an event at the iMFP, although nothing like a direct correspondence.   When this happens, the iMFP must be reset in order to clear the users credentials: I do this from the comfort of my desk.


                      We also have a fleet of Ricohs.  We have observed this for several years over many different models of printers and with Uniprint 8.1, 8.3, and 9.0.

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                        Jeff Geller Guide

                        Hi All,


                        I thought I would chime in here. The real reason a User is locked on a Terminal is because when a User logs into the system at a Terminal, the Terminal solution makes a call to the Pharos EDI Service that tells it to "lock" the user. The EDI then retains this association of the User to the Terminal until the Terminal makes a call to the EDI named UnlockUser() to remove this lock. This is when the EDI service (that which lives in IIS as a web application) then removes the link between the User and the Terminal.


                        Now, why does the Terminal not unlock a user out when they logout? Well, it will vary based on the iMFP solution. For the Ricoh solution the on-box solution what we have seen is that the user logs in but the application throws an exception just after this so the application fails to make the required UnlockUser() EDI call, thus the user remains locked in the EDI to that Terminal.


                        *Sometimes the user simply did not logout but the device timer should kick in and fire off the UnlockUser call.


                        For the solutions that have "middle-ware" so to speak like the Xerox iMFP and KM iMFP things are not much different. We expect the KM device to send us a command telling us that the user pressed the logout button or the 1 minute timer on the device to kick in and send a command to the server that the user has logged out. This command originates from the device then to the Application Service which in turn would communicate this logout to the EDI. When the user is not unlocked it is somewhere in that pathway that starts with the device.


                        If you can reliably reproduce this it would be helpful to troubleshoot.



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                          Andrea Clark Adventurer


                          My distributed Pharos Administrators/Proctors are not contacting me with details of these locked user events; therefore, I can't provide any meaningful troubleshooting logs, etc. I'm wondering; however, if upgrading from Uniprint 9.0 R2 to 9.1 and Print Center 4.0 will provide some relief for this issue?

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                            Mark Moran Newbie

                            We have this problem all the time in UCD.  It usually happens when a user is logged onto a machine and forgets to log out; or if the printer jams, they are unable to access the logout button so they just walk away.  Thus, they remain locked on that machine.


                            I find that running iisreset in the command prompt on the print server unlocks any users that are currently locked.  Not sure if its the best way to do it but it always seems to work and never causes any other problems.