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User account is locked at Terminal <ReleaseStation>

Question asked by Andrea Clark on Aug 9, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2019 by Scott Olswold

We're using Uniprint 9.0 R2 Sp5 and Mobile Print 2.2. We have Ricohs throughout the campus. The inactivity timeout on the devices ranges between 15 second and (default) 30 seconds. I was doing some testing at one location on campus then went to another yesterday. I received "User account is locked at Terminal <ReleaseStation>".


I have since enabled syslogs on 3 of the Ricoh devices to help troubleshoot the issue. As of this morning, my account is still locked on the original machine from yesterday.


Two Questions:


1. Has anyone else encountered this issue?

2. Do you know if a DNS name can be used for syslog shipping? (We have DNS round robin splunk servers as indexers for syslogs.)



Andrea Clark

Office of Information Technology

The University of Texas at Dallas