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    Pharos OTG and Toshiba Questions

    Matthew Sherman Newbie

      I work for DePaul University and we recently moved to Pharos off the glass for the charge back of copies/prints/scans on our Toshiba copiers. 


      I was hoping that someone could share with me some info on the eConnect software.  Can you please provide detail on how OTG works/communicates/passes information to eConnect and then to the Toshiba copiers?


      Also how is the product supported, does eConnect have ongoing development, who supports eConnect when there are issues?  How do we handle issue if Windows updates cause a problem etc.


      DePaul is very focused on Security so it would be helpful to have a good grasp of how OTG and eConnect work together.

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          Richard Post Guide

          I have attached the Toshiba documentation to the Community for your review.


          Pharos iMFP for Toshiba Documentation


          This is a great place to get started.   Toshiba developed the iMFP for Pharos and will support and develop the product going forward.


          Break / Fix tickets on the print management system should still go to your reseller if they handle your support or Pharos directly, if your purchase was not through a reseller or partner.


          Issues that are clearly a device or hardware should go to there appropriate triage with the reseller and/or manufacturer.