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Issues with Uniprint Popup on macOS

Question asked by David Mitchell on Aug 1, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2018 by David Mitchell

We just recently upgraded to 9.1, actually Pharos upgraded for us. I am new in this role so it was kind of a training as well. We built a new Mac package during the process. For whatever reason on some Macs, printing to B&W does not bring up the popup. It's not an issue on all Macs and doesn't seem to be an OS version issue. My main computer is a mac running 10.13.6, works fine, B&W brings up the popup. I have a freshly wiped Mac running 10.13.6 and I am able to replicate this issue. I am not sure what else to check. It doesn't appear to be a gatekeeper or administrator issue.