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Release Station (v9.1) offer card swipe and ID login at the same time

Question asked by Gerald Rezes on Jul 6, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2018 by Gerald Rezes

With the new Printer Center option for Release Stations, is it possible to have the station offer card swipe or ID login at the same time?   The bank has a setting under Network Terminal "Allow logon using Login ID and Password" and "Allow logon using Card". Both these options can be enabled simultaneously. The PC Pharos Station offers Source of Identification/Payment as either "ID Card Keyboard Wedge" or "ID and Password Dialog Box".  The authentication Plug-in I am using is either for an AD login or a card translation.  My iMFPs can use either card swipe or login but it is a deliberate act by the user to enter their username/password and press the login button.


I can set the Source of Identification to "ID and Password Dialog Box" then swipe my card if the plug-in is for card translation but if it is set for AD login, it fails.  I was wondering if the route to follow is to create a script that would identify when "username" is actually a card swipe then translate the number and allow for login with username/password when it is not a card swipe.


A nice feature would be a login button that would bypass the card swipe.