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    Xerox Versant 180 Color Press

    Lisa Washko Wayfarer

      Can anyone tell me if this printer is compatible with Pharos?  Our Graphic Design department is purchasing this "Press" and we will need to set it up on our Pharos server.  If someone does have it set up and running on Pharos, what driver do you use?



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          Paul LaFollette Guide

          Are they purchasing that with the Fiery print server or with the "FreeFlow" print server?  Looks to be quite the system.


          I don't have an answer for you, but I would be strongly tempted to have that fed through MobilePrint only.  That's because MobilePrint renders everything as a PDF, and PDF is the preferred file type for that system.


          For individual computers, and for a driver to use by MobilePrint, I would guess a good Postscript driver, probably a Xerox "Generic PPD" of the Xerox Postscript Driver (MS Certified) that Xerox has available for the "FreeFlow" system for this model.   Wouldn't be surprised if the Xerox "Global Print Driver" (Xerox's universal driver) Postscript version would work just fine with this unit.  Postscript works nicely with PDF, and those Fiery and FreeFlow print servers essentially render the jobs to PDF for printing (as far as I understand them).


          That's my guess.

          - Paul L.

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            Scott Olswold Guide


            In general, you should have no issue with the Uniprint system; our Page Counting engine is very good at reading what we need to from it. My question, though, is a business process question:

            Is this press (it is a nice beast) being made available for general output? I would anticipate that jobs would be sent to the Fiery's "Hold" queue and processed by the print shop operator rather than be used on-demand. If that is the case, the specs for the job submitted may be completely different than what is actually printed on the device. It may be a better idea to set up your print shop with an instance of Pharos Administrator with a Cashier login to debit accounts if your desire is to manage all accounting in Uniprint.