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    HP iMFP Installation Error

    Troy Brady Wayfarer

      I am trying to install the HP iMFP FutureSmart version on a new HP LaserJet M681.  As it goes through the installation I am getting the error "Unable to configure the FutureSmart Device at 10.2.x.x  Troubleshooting Tips"  1. Ensure the Device IP Address is pointing at a FutureSmart Device."  Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?


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          tcampbell@pharos.com Navigator

          Hello Troy,


          The first thing to check is the printer's firmware.  Pharos iMFP 4.5.1 requires a minimum printer firmware of FutureSmart 3.7.  If your printer's firmware is an earlier version, it will not support the API calls required to properly configure the solution.  If you printer is already at the appropriate firmware version, click on the "Get Log File" button within the Pharos iMFP Installation application, collect the "pharosInstallerLog.txt" log file, and attach it to an email to support@pharos.com.  Within the email, please provide an explaination of your experience, including all of the relevant information you've provided in this forum.


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