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    Availability map

    Adam Demeter Scout

      I was told from a user of Uniprint that when we had purchased this a few years ago, there was a way to have a "map" available stations present itself on a monitor or sign-in station. If this feature does exist in some form, where would I find it, to enable it? I've inherited the support of the system, so I am still not familiar with all the in's and out't of it.

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          Jeff Herald Guide



          You can find the Pharos Print Map Builder tool in Pharos Administrator, under the Packages/Package Definitions context.  You can use this tool to create a map of printer locations.  There is a Help system for that too.  Once you have created this, it can be displayed on the "Uniprint Web Site", where you host your print packages (if you use that).


          -Jeff Herald - Pharos Systems

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              Adam Demeter Scout


                  Thank you for the help. Sorry for the slow reply. Our semester was ending, and it got a little busy. However it has got me going in the right direction, with a road block, and maybe it needs to be installed. Under the Packages in Pharos Administrator, there doesn't appear to be any map tool. Any suggestions? Thanks again for your help.


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                  Jeff Geller Guide

                  Hi Adam,


                  When you expand Packages there should be more options than you are seeing which is not something "extra" you have to install. It looks like the permissions of the user account you use to login to the Pharos Administrator has removed many items that your not seeing. You should reach out to those who manage the accounts and ask them if they can add the permission to see the "Package Definitions" then you will see on the right side the Pharos Print Map Builder link.




                  You can check to see if this path exists which is where the application lives.

                  C:\Program Files (x86)\Pharos\Bin\MapBuilder


                  -Jeff Geller