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Question asked by Lisa Washko on Mar 20, 2018
Latest reply on May 10, 2018 by Scott Olswold

We recently upgraded to Pharos 9.0R2 and at the same time, started using the HP Universal Printing PCL6 (v6.5.0) driver for all of our HPM608 printers.  We have encountered a random issue with PDF documents printing parts of the text upside down (mirror image).  Not the whole document but paragraphs in the middle of a page but the rest of the page prints correct.  And some pages are all correct.  It is not all the time and I can take a PDF document that printed wrong and print is 5-10 more times and cannot duplicate the issue.  We also encountered a JPG file that printed completely mirror image and I as able to duplicate it once but not since then.  One other thing to note is that we were using the "winprint" print processor with our previous version of Pharos and we are now using the default hpcpp210 process on our queues.  Could that be the issue?  Has anyone every encountered this?