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    MobilePrint (specifically email to print) & Excel/PowerPoint Issues

    Brad Meyer Newbie

      I have a couple of issues that I was hoping others may have come across:

      1. Excel - Whenever we email print jobs into the system and release the job from a release station or from MyPrintCenter, the text is so small that you can't even read what's on the rows and columns of the document.
      2. PowerPoint - Whenever you try and print a PowerPoint, it always asks for Executive paper size on the printer.


      Things to note:

      • We're using the HP Universal Print driver and we tried updating to 6.5.0 from 6.2.1.
      • MobilePrint 2.2.1
      • We recently installed MS Office on the MobilePrint server to fix a different issue with Excel files not printing correctly. This did resolve the original issue.


      Not sure if anyone else has seen this, but I'd appreciate anyone's help. Thanks!

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          Paul LaFollette Guide

          My recommendation is ... a recommendation and NOT a "fix"...


          Teach your users to output Excel and PowerPoint files as a PDF, then submit (email/upload/whatever) the PDF to MobilePrint.  Multiple reasons:

          1. Excel (by nature of it's design) isn't really formatted to a particular page format/size except for the "Printable Area" designation and that is really only rudimentary.  Consequently, MobilePrint may have difficulty formatting the uploaded/emailed document to the particular paper size.

          2. PowerPoint is designed for presentation and therefore isn't very good at printing. Some pretty strange things happen with printing in PowerPoint not to mention way oversized (data content).  It is not efficient for printing.  Success with printing from PowerPoint greatly increases when you output PowerPoint to a PDF file, then print the PDF file (which is actually designed for printing).

          3. The Rendering mechanism in MobilePrint is actually PDF.  Therefore, if your document is already a PDF, it will render very easily (and efficiently) in MobilePrint.


          That's what I recommend.


          - Paul L.

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            Jeff Geller Guide

            Hi Brad,


            Like Paul mentioned PowerPoint is designed for presentation and not as good at printing the slides per se out of the box as we would normally expect and as we like, to print all things on our favorite page size of Letter (8.5" x 11" or 612 x 792 points).


            By default PowerPoint is configured to set the Page Size of slides to 4:3 screen ratio which is Executive size (540 x 720 points). The change to the page size has to be done in PowerPoint to convert the slides to Letter size.


            As an alternative you can add a Job Cost for Executive size and the document will have a cost. This may be easier than trying to get those people creating the PowerPoint slides to do the two-step conversion dance below to change the size of the slides.



            Note: When you change the slide size there are two options as seen below, "ensure fit" and "maximize fit", one needs to chose "maximize fit" and the slide will become Letter size which we will be able to page count as a Letter sized Page.


            Hope this helps.


            Jeff Geller

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              Brad Meyer Newbie

              Thanks for the tips. After taking your comments into consideration and talking with support, printing documents to PDF first and then emailing that in is definitely the way to do it. I greatly appreciate the help!