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Multiple Instances of MyPrintCenter on a Single Mobile Print Server (v2.2)

Question asked by Andrea Clark on Mar 20, 2018

My organization currently is using school mascot as the email address for campus wide Mobile Print. We have a school that would like to onboard with Pharos and Mobile Print but would like to use the school's acronym instead of mascot as an email address for Mobile Print.


I thought about just rolling all of the email addresses into the primary email box, but all Pharos responses C:\ProgramData\PharosSystems\MobilePrint\EmailResources have been modified to use the mascot name. What I would like to do, is stand up a second instance of MyPrintCenter and have it point to cloned configuration locations on the same Mobile Print server.


We are running into VM licensing constraints, otherwise, I would just ask for another VM to be stood up and install a separate Mobile Print Server.




Andrea Clark