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    Multiple Instances of MyPrintCenter on a Single Mobile Print Server (v2.2)

    Andrea Clark Adventurer

      My organization currently is using school mascot as the email address for campus wide Mobile Print. We have a school that would like to onboard with Pharos and Mobile Print but would like to use the school's acronym instead of mascot as an email address for Mobile Print.


      I thought about just rolling all of the email addresses into the primary email box, but all Pharos responses C:\ProgramData\PharosSystems\MobilePrint\EmailResources have been modified to use the mascot name. What I would like to do, is stand up a second instance of MyPrintCenter and have it point to cloned configuration locations on the same Mobile Print server.


      We are running into VM licensing constraints, otherwise, I would just ask for another VM to be stood up and install a separate Mobile Print Server.




      Andrea Clark