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Using HP universal print driver with Canon MFP

Question asked by Anthony Bennett on Feb 27, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2018 by Anthony Bennett

Weird one here.


We are currently an HP shop but looking to move to Canon MFP's in the near future. We would like to install the Canon's for print only function without having to have clients install a new set of drivers. The plan is to use the current HP universal driver to print to the Canon's and switch everyone to the appropriate driver at a later date more convenient date. For the most part this appears to work except when we are printing a document with any color text or pictures to the black and white Canon. Color text and pictures appear washed out. It appears that the installed Pharos HP drivers do not see all settings from the Canon MFP and that is the culprit. If we print straight to the Canon from the network using the same HP drivers everything prints fine. Is there a way to get Pharos to see the same settings through Pharos that we can see printing straight to the MFP?