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    Print Release

    Jacob Letebele Wayfarer

      Print release says "No jobs

      found" though users printed, this happens on recently installed 2 Lexmark printers CX825de and CX510de. funny enough when we put back old printers everything works fine.

      we have ran the latest version of eDAS but still nothing works.

      I would gladly appreciate for any positive input.Scott Olswold


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          Scott Olswold Guide



          Access the Embedded Solutions page (from http://deviceIP/se) and set logging for "Allow debugging entries in log" to YES. Once set, attempt to get a job list and then download the logs. At the same time, enable verbose logging for both the Pharos Blueprint EDI service and the Secure Release Service on the Collector hosting the eDAS terminal (see Pharos Blueprint Enterprise: Enable server debug level logging in versions 3.5 & greater.for instructions). These three logs, together, will help drive resolution by outlining the problem experienced at the device. That the old device works without a hiccup in its stead means that there is likely a configuration issue on the device and not within Blueprint, but provide the Blueprint logs anyway for a full 360° of the situation.


          Troubleshooting involving log files is best handled as a support incident, rather than the Community. Once you have gathered the log files, submit an incident to Pharos Systems Technical Support and one of our Support Engineers will be able to review and provide next-course action.


          Thank you,


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            Scott Olswold Guide



            Let's take a step back in the process, just so that I am not assuming things I shouldn't be. The proper way to secure a device within Pharos Blueprint, regardless of the terminal used is:


            1. Create a terminal record and associate it with a device.
            2. Configure the terminal record appropriately for the terminal type as well as authentication method.
            3. Add the device as a managed device to the appropriate print group.


            Beginning with Blueprint 5.1, much of this can be roughly automatically assigned using the introduced Secure Release Here > Default Settings options in Blueprint Administrator. However, default is default, and it is possible that your new devices' default settings for Secure Release Here aren't appropriate. Ensure that the items above are correct for your new devices before progressing with any troubleshooting.