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Unable to authenticate - "Logon plug-in returned no results"

Question asked by Seth Long on Feb 27, 2018
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I work at a University that has campuses in two different physical locations (one in California, one in Oregon).  We have a Pharos server set up for each campus.  We are receiving an error on the Pharos logon touchscreens at the Oregon campus.  After selecting Print and before it asks to input a username, the message comes up (picture attached):


"Pharos Server internal error


An internal server error occurred.  Logon plug-in returned no results


Please contact Pharos support."


We use AD for user authentication.  I thought this error could be related to the ADLDAP Bank, meaning it's not properly communicating with AD.  However, we ran the following check in the Command Prompt and got the same results on both campuses:


adldaplogon.exe ldaplog.txt trace jstudent [password]


Since the results are the same and authentication is working fine on the California campus, I'm now thinking perhaps this is not the culprit.


We compared the registry on the California campus server to the Oregon campus server, and saw that the Oregon campus server is missing the Pharos key under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Pharos (screenshot attached).  This key looks to contain license information.  Does the touchscreen run a license check every time it tries to authenticate?  If it runs a check and finds no stored key, could this cause the "no results" error message?


We've sent an email to Pharos Support but not received a response yet, so I thought I would reach out to the community as well.


Thanks in advance!