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    Pharos Release Station

    Andres Abreu Newbie

      Hey all,


      We are looking into getting new hardware to act as release station, we have been using the Omega hardware with also Dell Venue tablets but have found that the touchscreens on the Omega are not user friendly enough as snappy as we would like them to be and the Dell Venue are discontinued and we have to add to many pieces to get them working properly (card reader, usb hub, network jack adapter). We are currently building a test environment with Mobileprint but will still need some sort of release station as some location. Was wondering what have other hardwares have people found to be useful release station? I have seen some say the Surface tablets work well but they are out of our budget for the amount we will need up and running.



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          Support @MDS Newbie


          How does the user log into the omega device? (with network name or card?)

          Also, when was the last time you purchased a PS200?


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            Steve Lasich Adventurer

            We've been using Uniprint for printing cost recovery for more than 20 years. Our "PrintStations" were always recycled lab computers, so the price was practically zero.  When Microsoft dropped support for Windows XP we decided to buy "Release Stations" built for Windows 7.  Since you asked, they are Lenovo Tiny desktops in the $399 price range.  They have all the ports we need. In fact they have so many ports we have to lock them out so the users can't boot from them or open documents.  Pharos used to have guidelines for running pstation.exe in kiosk mode. Now we have The Google for learning things like that.  Frugal readers will be glad to know we are still using 15-inch LCD screens from the last century.  Release Stations just don't look right with 24-inch displays.

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              Yadin Flammer Navigator

              We use the oldest junk we'd otherwise be sending to salvage.  Since the release station is just a terminal to the server it just has to boot windows, auto log in (to a really locked down account to prevent shenanigans), auto launch station, done.