Scott Olswold

Pharos Systems TaskMaster Does Not Start After Applying Service Pack 3 for Blueprint 5.2

Discussion created by Scott Olswold on Feb 6, 2018


  • Pharos Systems Blueprint Enterprise v5.2R1
  • Pharos Systems Service Pack 3
  • Pharos Systems Blueprint Enterprise v5.2R2



  • Pharos Systems TaskMaster service does not start after service pack installation.
  • ERROR message displays when hitting "Test" in the Blueprint Server Configuration utility:
  • ERROR: "Index was outside the bounds of the array at PharosSystems.Blueprint.Library.HealthMonitoring.DiskQueueLengthHealthTest.getFirstValues()" under the "Details" button or within the TaskMaster log file.



There is an "unallocated" volume present on the server hosting Blueprint Enterprise v5.2R1 Service Pack 3 or Blueprint Enterprise v5.2R2.



Beginning with Service Pack 3 for Pharos Blueprint Enterprise 5.2R1 and Blueprint Enterprise 5.2R2, an extended set of system checks are performed as part of the regular health check. One of these checks is a monitoring of the "Average Disk Queue Length" for physical disks. As part of this check, the TaskMaster service must evaluate the physical disks on the server hosting the Blueprint software, enumerate them, and then set the various Performance Monitor counters for this. This enumeration fails if there is one or more "unallocated" volume on the server, highlighted in the screenshot below:



Alternately, the state of the storage subsystem can be observed in Windows Performance Monitor > Add Counter > Local Computer > Physical Disk > Avg. Disk Queue Length. Unallocated disks will be seen as a volume number without an associated drive letter (highlighted, below):




  1. Run the Windows Disk Management MMC snap-in as an administrator.
  2. Right-click on the offline,unallocated disk and choose "Online."
  3. Initialize and format the disk, assigning it a drive letter:

  4. Restart the server to allow Blueprint to see the new disk, or simply restart the Pharos Systems services on the server.


Pharos Systems anticipates that a future hot fix or service pack for Blueprint 5.2R1 and 5.2R2 will allow unallocated space to exist on the server and maintain Blueprint Enterprise operation.