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Error: Undefinedresult Offending Command: Show

Question asked by Troy Brady on Dec 13, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2018 by Vinicio Guevara

I have a MacBook user who is getting the error "Error: Undefinedresult Offending Command: Show" when he prints to an HP MFP Color printer.  He has MacOS High Sierra installed on his MacBook with the latest Uniprint Popup installed.  I have tried the custom HP driver for the printer, the Generic PostScript printer, and the Generic PCL printer drivers and each one will print out the same error message.  The popup is coming up as it should and they are accepting the charge.  When they scan their badge on the printer it shows the print job and they choose print.  But what is printed on the paper is this error message.  They are trying to print from MS Word. I have reinstalled OS Office.  Also, they are using the Calibri font. 


Has anyone had luck fixing an issue like this?


Thank you