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    Banner Page customization

    Paul Ledbetter Newbie

      I know I must be missing it but I cannot find out the following.


      I want to have a logo on the Banner page

      I want to have the Banner page come out of a different tray.


      Are there simple settings to do this on the Pharos side, or is this more of a device side setting?





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          Nic Meadows Ranger

          Hi Paul,

          Its been a few years since I've had to do this....

          Banner pages can be generated from either a text file or a spool file. Usually people use the text file as its easier to edit However, you can create a .spl file which has the necessary rendered information (logos, different paper trays/paper types) using wordpad /word or similar. Ensure that it has the necessary placeholders in the document. (see Pharos help for a list) Then send it to a secure release queue using the driver that will be used in production. Use Pharos admin/Remote to find the queued job and save the spool file. Then in Pharos Admin apply this .spl file to Print group and test.


          The common issue we came across was the placeholders not coming through correctly in the .spl which Pharos can then not replace. Its possible to edit the .spl directly using notepad. However you need to ascertain exactly where the placeholders need to go, otherwise it may be a bit of trial and error to get it working correctly.


          Good luck!

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              Jeff Geller Guide

              Hi Nic and Paul,


              Well, I tried it to using Uniprint 9.0R2, the latest and greatest version with all the updates applied and my simple text file banner page did not print. I noticed something not quite right so I submitted what I found to development. Once I know more I will update this post.


              Paul: Like Nic Meadows mentioned, the text file one is the easiest one to do. The one using the spool file method will be a little more of a challenge to get the placeholders Uniprint looks for to replace with actual data, into the spool file that Uniprint. Using a spool file will let you use images where in a text file you can't (didn't mean to state the text file obvious there).



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              Paul Ledbetter Newbie

              Thank you Nic and Jeff


              I am getting some progress but not sure how to do different pjl's. Do either of you have a sample file you can send me? The help does have some useful info, but really nothing I can figure out on these pieces.


              Thank you again!