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public profile will not allow console notifier

Question asked by rudy garza on Nov 21, 2017
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first time posting here.

we are having an issue and I thought I'd ask the question in the forums.

Our public computers are not receiving the pop message (console notifier) notifying them on how much there print job is and how many pages.

there is something going on with the account we use. these are windows 10 machines running the pharos signup client.

we cant figure out what windows component the notifier generator uses. this "console notifier" is installed when we install the signup client.

if we use another one of our network accounts we do get the pop up that notifies us on the cost of the print job.

if we can just find out what the console notifier is, we can make the adjustment in policy or somewhere to allow it on the other account that is used for the public.

so my question is....what is the console notifier? attached is what we get when i go into the pharos folder on the c drive and manually run it.