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Newer Canon ImageRUNNER ADVANCE 5560 Users being stored and causing an error message to appear.

Question asked by Brendan Huber on Nov 27, 2017
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On our newer versions of the ImageRunner machines (Canon IR Advance 5560) every-time Pharos pulls a user it is stored on the machine.

Once there are 200 users we are prompted with an error message on the printer that says:


Cannot store the information (job setting logs, personal settings content, etc.) for the user currently logged-in or apply setting changes the next time the user logs in because the memory is full. Contact the system manager for details.


We can click through and print fine but the prompt is annoying and confusing to patrons.

The only way to fix the issue is to go in to " User Setting Information Management Service" and delete users.

I have been unable to find a setting that successfully deletes these users periodically or stops them from being stored on the device.

Any help would be appreciated.