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    Windows 10 (1703)

    Adam Demeter Scout

      Are there any known issues with the latest version of Windows 10 (i.e. 1703)? We plan on updating around 100+ PCs in our Library, and we would prefer not to have any issues. Thanks for any info anyone can provide.

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          Sadish Vinayagam Newbie

          Hi Adam, We recently upgraded all the PCs to Windows 10(1703) Education version. Occasionally, we are experiencing random log off/restart of the PCs for no reason. Pharos ticket was logged and investigation is under progress. We are using signup client version 9.0.8959.249.

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            Yadin Flammer Navigator

            You're a bit off, the latest version of 10 is 1709 (fall creators) as of Oct.  1703 was the spring update.  Everything in Uniprint 9r2 works fine.  Overall 10 works fine.  My only complaints are 1) it's still a full new OS so you get a 20gb windows.old folder you have to use disk cleanup to get rid of, and 2) the RSAT tools uninstall during upgrade and you need to go find the new version and re-install them.

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              Jeff Herald Guide



              It's not clear if you are asking about the Signup client or the printing Popup client in your question, but as you mentioned "library", the Signup client is most often the reason for the questions.  It is fair to say "yes", we are aware of issues with the Signup Client on Windows 10.  The various flavors of the Win10 Creators editions have provided challenges and we are working now on new client updates to resolve them.  We are also aware of other issues with using Deep Freeze on Win10 with our client, and we're working on this issue too.  So stay tuned, and expect client updates within the next few weeks.


              -Jeff Herald - Pharos Systems