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    Query timeout expired #3121

    Rhys Gottwald Wayfarer

      Hi, in looking into another error I am finding this error in my event view every min or so.  The Print server and DB server are on the same server.




      <Provider Name="PSDatabaseSvr" />



      <EventID Qualifiers="49152">4000</EventID>












      <TimeCreated SystemTime="2017-11-11T22:11:46.000000000Z" />












      <Security />







      <Data />



      <Data>[PSComDBServer::AlertInsert] COM -- ADO error: IDispatch error #3121. Description: Query timeout expired</Data>




        • Re: Query timeout expired #3121
          Jeff Geller Guide

          Hi Ryhs,


          The error means that while the Pharos Database Service was attempting a SQL query to the SQL Server the SQL Server did not reply in a timely manner. Unfortunately the Pharos Database Service will not know why the SQL Server failed to respond to the query.


          This portion of the error "[PSComDBServer::AlertInsert]" indicates that the query being run was a Stored Procedure in the database called alert_insert, or at least that is what the Pharos database Service tried to kick off with the required parameters.


          Possibly the pharos_log.ldf file on the SQL Server is quite large and needs to be truncated/managed in some way.


          -Jeff Geller