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    Reusing Inactive Users Card ID for new Users (Self Registration)

    ahmad nazhri Newbie

      We are looking into reusing the inactive users card ID for the new users self registration.

      Users are added/ updated from the userload batch script from the source text file.

      The Card ID field is blank for each user.


      Is there a way from the userload batch that we could update the inactive users card ID to blank so that the card can be reused for self registration?




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          Willis Dair Tracker



          We load our card IDs with card numbers in a text file generated by the card office using the userload application.  What I have found is that the Logon ID in the Pharos database is unique and everything keys off of this user name.  The Card ID field is also unique in Pharos database, so what happens is that if a duplicate card number shows up, it will blank out the first person's Card ID and associate the card number with the second person. Example: user asmith has card ID 1234567.  User asmith gets married and changes name to ajones but uses the same card number.  When we run the userload app, it will create a new user with Logon ID ajones, and put the Card ID as 1234567. Then in asmith's data record, the Card ID field is blanked.


          I think what might happen in your case is that when a person tries to register an existing card number, the data base will update the old inactive user and blank it out.