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    Authentication Method Issue

    Tuğrul Sütyemez Newbie

      Hi All,


      A customer has a problem when they want to create auth method. They got the following error when they added the new one auth method. They have BP v5.2.




      Do you have any idea about this case?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Scott Olswold Guide


          When you "+Add" a new script, you have to first change the "Authentication Type" to "Advanced (Script)":



          This will alter the interface somewhat and give you the "Designer" tab, which is where you program the script (note: the Blueprint scripting language utilizes the full capabilities of C#, with the exception that it does not support user interfaces). I suspect that there is no "meat" in the script or that there is a syntax/development issue. I have attached a baseline "custom" script that works (generally) pretty well out of the box. It is fairly-well documented, but still does require some C++/C# knowledge to make significant changes beyond those described in the comments. To begin, just copy and paste the text into the Designer tab.


          I hope this helps get the customer where they need to be. Otherwise, Pharos Systems can assist with one as a Professional Services engagement. Please contact your reseller or Pharos Account Manager if you wish to go that route.


          Best regards,