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Batch user load - synchronization:  one piece of data to change, have to submit entire line of commas?

Question asked by Bill Kasper on Oct 11, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2017 by Richard Post

I need to change the group association on about 350 users, and I want to do it as a batch upload.  I assume I would set up my batch process like so:

• choose "Synchronize Users"

• Pharos System Generated

• Text File(ASCII, UTF-8, UTF-16)

• My file chosen

• Ignore users whose Group does not match any group in Pharos database

• Retain Pharos users not included in import source


I am assuming also that the retention of Pharos users not included in import source will leave them and their data/constraints alone.


For my file chosen, it's a csv with the following fields; the first record will be set up as shown:

last name,first name,logon id,billing option,group,password,access level,credit,address,phone number,comment,rate schedule,card id,middle initial,alias,email,custom1,custom2,active



Finally, I am assuming that just changing the group name in the synchronization, and leaving everything else "blank" will leave the user as he/she is currently set up, and just change the group to "studentemployees".  Or do I need to have each of the 350 records contain what I want them to end up containing, like so:

Hough,Joshua,jhough,Advance,studentemployees,2988,User,0,,,,,700112988,,17jhough,,Uploaded Su17,,1


Can someone (Jim Gilliver, Jeff Geller, Richard Post or anyone else) check my assumptions and let me know if I'm making correct ones?  Or help me fix the upload so it achieves what I want (change the group of 350 specified users from "student" to "studentemployees", leaving the rest of their data alone (as well as the rest of the user data and constraints in the database)?


Thanks in advance,