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    Cancel printed jobs from the server

    Steve Yount Adventurer

      Is there a way to delete a print job through Pharos that was released from a Secure Release Station, and is in limbo between the Pharos server and Printer?


      I believe that we have a job that is causing a printer to restart when it tries to process it, but I cannot find anything on the server. Because the printer restarts when it begins to process the job, the job stays on the server. This creates an infinite restarting loop on the printer.




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          Yadin Flammer Navigator

          Job Management will show you everything in process either under Queued Jobs or Printed Jobs depending on its state of accounting and release.  If you don't see it there at all, then the server is not sending it.  At that point you'd have to find what is if you don't have ACLs on the printer, or perhaps the job fully spooled and is in drive storage on the device.  Depending on the printer configuration, it may receive the entire job before it attempts to print, and may attempt reprint if it did not log success.  At that point if it has thrown itself into a crash loop, you're looking at a hard reset to recover most likely.