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    Canon iR-ADV C5560 display is freezing periodically

    Brendan Huber Newbie

      We just upgraded some of our Canon 5045s to 5560s and we seem to be having issues with them freezing on the pharos logon screen periodically. I have tried different power settings and it is happening on all the machines we received. After some testing we do feel like it is connected to heavy usage but we aren't certain of this. I am just wondering if anyone else uses these machines and if they are or are not having the same issue. I am just not sure if I should be troubleshooting with Canon or Pharos.

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          Jeff Geller Guide

          Hi Brendan,


          Can you describe more about the "freezing" and what steps are taken to correct this behavior?


          Is this one of the newer Gen3 models?



          Jeff Geller

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              Brendan Huber Newbie

              Thanks for responding Jeff.


              I do believe this is the newest generation of the ImageRunner Canons.


              The issue:

              The freezing issue that occurs periodically renders the machine unusable. When we touch the screen it gets brighter but nothing on the display responds.

              We use a card reader for users to log in and it flashes as if its reading but the machine never recognizes the input. The web page doesn't respond and we cannot ping the machine. Once the issue has occurred all we can do to fix it is power the machine off and on.

              When we do this the power cycle does not give you the prompt about the machine restarting and it taking a few minutes.

              The screen stays frozen where it was until it eventually turns black and restarts.


              Attempted fixes:

              I have tried disabling the motion sensor wake up.

              I have changed the sleep power mode to high rather than low.

              We have tried disabling the Quick Startup for Main Power setting.

              For a while we thought it may have to do with how many users were saved on the machine but we clear them out and it seems that it can freeze with as little as 17 or when it maxes out at 200 so we don't think thats it.


              It is inevitable though. It happens faster in high volume areas but even areas that see maybe 20 users in a day also eventually freeze as well.




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              Brandon Eldred Newbie

              We are having the same issue with a few Canon 7570s and at one point one of the previous generation of C5030s.  Call your Canon rep and see if they can come out with a power line meter/tester.  What we have found out is that the larger/newer Canon printers need a ground line that is dedicated to that power socket.  The Canon printers use the ground line to calibrate itself for certain things and if there is any noise on the ground line it will cause them to freeze or fry a part in the copier.   For us a last generation C5030 would fry its scanner ever month for a few months until the company we rent from came out with a ground line tester and left it on for a week to collect some data on the power.  Showed that there was something sending power over the ground line and we found out that a fridge was on the same circuit.  When the fridge would turn on it would cause a jump of power on the ground line and over time this caused the printer to fry its scanner.  Had an electrician create a dedicated ground line and the issue went away.  Now we have a few brand new 7570s in another area delivered a month ago to replace some C5030s that are all in a row on separate wall outlets with one of the 7570s constantly freezing an a few other sometimes freezing.  Find out they are on shared ground lines.


              So, have someone come check your power outlet and it might be the ground line, and you will need to fix it with a dedicated ground line for the printer to function properly.

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                Brendan Huber Newbie

                I believe we have found the solution to our screen freezing issue.

                While on older versions of the Canon Printers (Image Runner 5045s) we had to use HID mode on our card swipes because it was the only mode that worked, now HID mode inputs seem to occasionally freeze the screen.

                We were able to fix the issue by putting the card swipes on all of our newer Image Runner 5560s into Keyboard mode.


                Pharos Support helped us find this solution and also mentioned that another customer solved the issue the same way.


                Thanks to all who contributed