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Would like a report showing Daily totals

Question asked by Paul LaFollette on Sep 13, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2017 by Paul LaFollette

I find I really like the little totals graph shown in the Uniprint Administrator Dashboard as it gives an idea how busy the Uniprint system is currently. (attached a pic).


Any way to get that information in a report?  Something similar to the Printer Summary per week, but showing the totals for the whole system, or by Bank, (or by Group), showing the totals for each day during the specified time frame.  It can show the daily totals for each printer, but needs to include a daily total for all of the printers in the report.


That way, a person could see the daily totals easily.  Otherwise, it's a painful reporting process to gather that info because as is one has to run the Printer Summary report with the dates set to a single day, copy the totals, change to the next day to report, run the report, copy the totals, rinse and repeat... just to get that kind of data for three or more days.


Any suggestions?



- Paul L.