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    Popup Dialog Box Time

    Troy Brady Wayfarer

      Is there a way to change how long the Pharos Popup Dialog Box stays up to accept the charge? 

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          Rojaa Matlakunta Navigator

          Hi Troy,


          I assume you might be using the default setting Cost Information / Cost Acceptance under the Pharos Administrator application, in that case the dialog stays up to 30 seconds. However, you can override it using the scripts - JobInformation plugin. The script is found under CD image (tools\plugins\scripts) - currently in the script the timeout defined as 15 seconds.


          Hope this information is helpful.


          Kind Regards,


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              Troy Brady Wayfarer



              Thank you for the reply.  I am lost, where do I find the location for the CD image?


              Thank you

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                  Katherine Baynton Ranger

                  Hi Troy


                  The 'CD image' is the installation media used to install the Uniprint system (traditionally shipped on a CD). You may need to contact the reseller or person who installed your system for this.


                  The sample script provided on the 'Installation CD' will show a balloon message to the user for the timeout specified in the script.  It's not a dialog with OK | Cancel buttons, just a balloon message.  However, you can change the script to show a dialog box instead, with the buttons to confirm or cancel cost acceptance.


                  The Help provides instructions on different styles of messages that can be scripted. In the Help, search/select the Pharos Script Primer topic, then in the Namespace Function Interfaces section review the 'Notify' namespace section.  You can change the 'BalloonBox' to a 'MessageBox' and specify the buttons you wish to have shown.  The help also contains other information on how to apply scripts to plug-in points.  In your case you would need the script applied to the 'JobInformation' plug-in to override the default 'Cost Acceptance' behavior.


                  I hope this helps.


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                lpadgett Scout

                Hey Troy,


                  In the "JobInformation" script from the Pharos Installation CD if you edit the variable iPromptTimeout = x; it will change the timeout to the value of <x>.


                // Variables


                new bDebug = true;

                new bDisplayBBBalance = false;        // Do you want the Blackboard balance displayed on the cost acceptance screen

                new iPromptTimeout = 15;              // How long should the prompt to accept job costs stay on the screen


                It's worth mentioning how long the timeout will last in the Cost Acceptance Prompt like this:


                new sListAttrs = PlugIn.JobAttrs[0];

                new sJobCost = fFormatMoney(fJobCost);

                new sPromptDescription = sFullName + " your job '" + PlugIn.JobName + "' "

                                    + "will cost " + sJobCost + "\r"

                                    + "Please click 'Yes' if you accept the costs for this print job." + "\r\r" + "\r\n"

                                    + "Your job will still print to " + PlugIn.Printer + " if you do not click 'No' in " + iPromptTimeout + " seconds";