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    Restricting Access to MFP's for certain groups

    Andrew Wynbissinger Tracker

      We have several mfp's that we would like to prevent students from making copies on. We are able to block them from printing to the device by utilizing the access times but copying seems to be the issue. Thoughts?

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          Richard Post Guide

          Thank you for your inquiry...  This appears to be a question about Uniprint, since students and access times are mentioned...   I'll answer in terms of Uniprint.


          If you have a way to separate the users allowed vs those not allowed, a logon script can be written to allow or disallow access to the iMFP based on that criteria.   If students and employees are in separate groups in Pharos database, the logon script for the iMFP pseudo code would look like this...


          If group = employees, allow logon and if group = students, fail access.


          Another way may be if ID or payment cards are different in some way across groups.  Is student cards start with a 6, employees with a 5 and guests with 99, we can limit access this way too based on the card number.


          To learn more about Pharos Scripting, open the Pharos Help ad read the Pharos Scripting Primer and related articles.  You can also reach out to your account rep for a quote if you would like us to do it for you.



          For Beacon and Sentry Print Services, we don't yet have a way to limit access to machines, but should this be important to you, we can pass it along to the Product Management Team for review.